For Gentlemen

Ref. BRP220109  – 40,35€

  • 1 Eau de Cologne ‘Atlântico’, 100ml.
  • 1 shaving soap, 100g.
  • 1 soap, 150g.
    • Several fragrances available: aloe vera, grape, almond, fig and cassis, lavender and thyme.
  • 1 toothpaste, 60g.

  • Minimum order quantity: 24 units (with ‘Remember Portugal’ logo).
  • The products offered are valid within the limits of stocks and subject to availability at our partners.
  • Delivery times: Once your order is confirmed, processing and delivery takes 2 to 4 weeks (depending on the number of boxes and the personalisation chosen).
  • Rates are VAT and delivery costs excluded.
  • The ‘Atlântico’ Eau de cologne, modern and masculine: A refreshing eau de toilette with notes of lemon, lavender, cedar and musk. A product full of character launched in 2020 by ‘Ach Brito’, a prestigious cosmetics brand, created in 1918 in Porto.
  • The ‘Musgo’ shaving soap also developed by ‘Ach Brito’: Specially designed for shaving with a brush, the formula for this shaving soap has a vegetable base, and it is enriched with glycerin and coconut derivatives, which create a smooth and creamy lather enabling a comfortable application due to its fine emulsion.
  • The soap ‘Essências de Portugal’: Renowned for their artisanal manufacture, soaps are produced from ingredients of vegetable origin, and delicately packaged by hand.
  • The legendary ‘Couto’ medicinal toothpaste, which has embellished the Portuguese smile since 1932. This mythical toothpaste contains natural active ingredients of peppermint and menthol for impeccable hygiene and freshness. Its retro look, with its original packaging, will not fail to please!

Products with multiple benefits, derived from the know-how of prestigious Portuguese brands.

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